Fenner Belt Tensioning Pen

Fenner Belt Tensioning Pen

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Fenner Wedge and Vee-Belt Tensioning Instructions

Method of belt tensioning using Fenner Belt Tension Indicator:
Calcualte the deflection in mm on a basis of 16mm per metre of centre distance.  Centre distance (metres) x 16 = deflection (mm)

Set the lower marker ring at the deflection distance required in mm on the lower scale

Set the upper marker ring against the bottom edge of the top tube

Place the belt tension indicator on top of the belt at the centre of span, and apply a orce at right angles to the belt, deflecting it to the point where the lower marker ring is level with the top of an adjacent belt.

Read off the setting force value indicated by the top edge of the upper marker ring.

Compare this force to the kgf value shown in the table.

If a Fenner Belt Tension Indicator is not available, a spring balance and rule will suffice.

https://www.bearings-online.co.uk/uploads/tinymce/FENNER BELT TENSION PEN DATA SHEET.pdf


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