Bondloc B515 Flexible Gasket 50ml

Bondloc B515 Flexible Gasket 50ml

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Flange seal type B515 is a purple, smooth, thick paste. Easily applied B515 cures once confined between the parts to form-in-place a tough, flexible gasket. B515 gives an instant low pressure seal.

B515 is used for fuel and water pumps, split crank cases on engines, gearbox covers, engine thermostats, air compressor end caps, engine timing cam covers on to blocks, pump couplings, fuel tanks on small implements, chain saws, lawn mowers etc. Use B515 for dressing gaskets, spacers etc.

Pack Size : 50ml
Colour : Dark purple
Strength : Low
Viscosity : Paste
Service Temperature Range : –55°C – +150°C
Gap Fill : 0.5mm


Weight: 50g