YSSR-0275 Single Turn Wave Spring

YSSR-0275 Single Turn Wave Spring

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YSSR-0275 Single Turn Wave Spring
Operates in a bore dia : 2.3/4"
Clears Shaft dia : 2.340
Number of waves : 4
Thickness : 0.030

Conventional Gap and Overlap Type Wave Springs are used in a wide variety of applications. For short deflections and low-medium forces, they function with precision and dependability.
These two types of Smalley Wave Springs permit radial expansion or growth in diameter within a cavity, without the binding or hang-up normally associated with die stamped wave washers. Just as their terms imply, the gap type is split to retain a gap between the ends, while the overlap type has overlapping ends. Thus, the ends are free to move circumferentially as the spring outside diameter grows during compression.

Carbon steel and 17-7 PH/C Stainless steel. Add suffix “-S17” for 17-7 Stainless steel.


Weight: 1g