TIH100M 230V SKF Bearing Heater

TIH100M 230V SKF Bearing Heater

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TIH 100M 230V SKF Bearing Induction Heater

This product has a high heating capacity of up to 120 kg per bearing

The advanced design of the power electronics allows features of accurate electric current control, cut-outs to avoid overheating, controls on rate of temperature increase, these are as some of the standard features in the TIH...m range.

Placing the induction coil outside the heater’s housing allows the heating of bearings weighing up to 120 kg (264 lb). The heater is equipped with thermal overheating protection to reduce the risk of damage to the induction coil and the electronics. In addition to temperature mode, the TIH 100m is equipped with a time mode for heating components other than bearings.

The heater is supplied standard with three yokes.

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Weight: 42000g