TKBA40 SKF Belt Alignment Tool

TKBA40 SKF Belt Alignment Tool

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Belt alignment tool TKBA 40
High-accuracy tool for V-belt pulley alignment
Belt-driven machinery must be precisely aligned in order to increase belt and pulley life – and reduce both machine vibration and energy costs. SKF’s TKBA 40 Belt alignment tool offers a straightforward way to do this, by accurately aligning the grooves of V-belt pulleys. It can correct for vertical angle, horizontal angle, and parallel misalignment. The tool has two components – a laser-emitting unit and a receiver unit. It uses powerful magnets and V-guides to fit to the pulley’s grooves, allowing the TKBA 40 to be attached quickly and easily.

Fast, easy attachment – using powerful magnets
Simplified alignment process
Ability to align a wide range of V-belt pulleys, as four sizes of V-guide are supplied
Simultaneous adjustment of tension and alignment
Aligns grooves – rather than faces – of V-belt pulley, for optimum alignment of pulleys of dissimilar widths or faces
Optional extra: a special side adaptor allows alignment of multi-ribbed and timing belt pulleys, as well as sprockets
Maximum operating distance of 6 m (20 ft) accommodates many applications
Relies on red laser diode, and is supplied in a sturdy carrying case
Runs on 2 × AAA batteries for 20 hours of continuous operation



Weight: 1300g