Kit BO004 Bearing Kit for Indespension 160mm Drum

Kit BO004 Bearing Kit for Indespension 160mm Drum

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Premium Trailer Bearing Kit Alko Indespension 160mm Drum

This kit consists of premium taper roller trailer wheel bearings and an oilseal

Outer Trailer Wheel Bearing No.
Dimension Bore: 20 mm
Dimension OD: 42 mm
Dimension Width: 15 mm

Inner Trailer Wheel Bearing No.
Dimension Bore: 31.75 mm
Dimension OD: 59.131 mm
Dimension Width: 15.875 mm

Oilseal : 1.11/16 x 2.1/2 x 3/8
This sale is for 1x inner bearing and 1x outer bearing and oilseal

Used on Alko trailer hub;
160x37mm taper roller brake drum as well as some Indespension drums.

Fitting this bearing –
Firstly, start by thoroughly greasing the bearing. Use your hand for best results.
Slide the bearing onto the shaft making sure it is firmly pushed back. The rear seal needs to be facing he hub.
Then, grease the inside of the hub and re insert the outer bearing, tapered edge facing inwards.
Finally, slide the hub onto the shaft.
If you need wheel bearing grease, you can find a selection of bearing greases on our store :


Weight: 318g