TIH030M 230V SKF Bearing Heater

TIH030M 230V SKF Bearing Heater

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TIH030M 230V SKF Bearing Heater

Small induction heater
High heating capacity of up to 40 kg bearing
The SKF small induction heater TIH 030m combines high heating capacity with portability. The compact lightweight design makes the TIH 030m portable. Placing the induction coil outside the heater's housing allows the heating of bearings weighing up to 40 kg (88 lb). 

The induction heater is equipped with thermal overheating protection to reduce the risk of damage to the induction coil and the electronics. In addition to temperature mode, the TIH 030m is equipped with a time mode for heating components other than bearings. 

The induction heating system is supplied standard with three yokes and is available in two executions: 230V/50-60Hz and 100-110V/50-60Hz.
Compact lightweight design; just 20,9 kg (46.0 lb) facilitating portability
2-step power setting and smaller yokes allow heating smaller bearings safely and at lower power consumption
Foldable bearing support arms allow larger diameter bearings to be heated, and reduce the risk of the bearing toppling during heating
Capable of heating a 28 kg (61.7 lb) bearing in just 20 minutes
Temperature mode pre-set at 110 °C (230 °F) to help prevent bearing over-heating
Automatic demagnetization

SKF product data sheet : https://www.bearings-online.co.uk/uploads/tinymce/TIH030M 230V SKF.pdf


Weight: 21.7g